Nirvana Reimagined As House & Techno album highlights Kurt Cobain’s support for the LGBTQ+ community

The 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind album has put the grunge pioneers back in the limelight, but what would the band’s back catalogue sound like if it was reimagined with a house and techno twist?

The question has been answered by electronic music outfit Techrow – a collaborative effort between producers Jonathan Hay, Cain McKnight, and 41X. Their self-explanatory new album, Nirvana Reimagined As House & Techno, contains 27 tracks, one for each year of Kurt Cobain’s life.

The new record contains multiple versions of some of Nirvana’s biggest hits, including electronic house, future house and electronica mixes of Techrow’s take on Smells Like Teen Spirit. Techno, melodic techno and dark techno versions of Come As You Are are also on the agenda. reports that the album has been created to highlight Cobain’s status as an LGBTQ+ advocate. The LGBTQ+ community, of course, has always been at the heart of dance music culture, and the Nirvana frontman was a vocal supporter.