A re-imagination of Follow the Leader by Eric B. & Rakim


01 Just A Beat

02 Microphone Fiend (Quad Remix) feat. Sarah Rush 

03 Musical Massacre 

04 Lyrics of Fury

05 Eric B Never Scared

06 Follow the Leader (Remix) feat. DJ Whoo Kid

07 The R

08 For the Listeners

09 Put Your Hands Together 

10 No Competition

11 Musical Massacre (Remix) feat. DJ Whoo Kid

12 Follow the Leader

13 Microphone Fiend 

14 Beats for the Listeners

Produced by: Jonathan Hay & Benny Reid

Executive Produced by Rakim, Eric B. & Matthew Kemp 

Street Date: 12.19.19

Record Label: R.U.S.H Music / Rakim & Associates / Fat Beats